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School Yoga Program


We will use the yoga asanas (movement between postures and breath) as the foundation for exploring many subject areas. For example, animal adaptations and behavior, music, or storytelling will be a major part in each class. Each child stretches like a dog, balances like an eagle, breathes like a cat, or stands like a tall mountain, he or she will be making a connection between their bodies and the environment. We will be able to create stories through our movements while building strength and awareness of our surroundings.

Benefits of Yoga for Children:

We live in a society where everyone is in a hurry. We rarely focus on the effects that rushing has on our children and the behaviors that are a representation of the effects. When children learn techniques of self-help, relaxation, and inner fulfillment they gain the ability to navigate life’s challenges with more ease. Yoga at an early age will encourage self-esteem, strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Teaches self-acceptance and self-love
  2. Increased awareness of breathing techniques
  3. Improves posture and alignment
  4. Relieves tension and stress
  5. Improves the ability to be less reactive; more mindful thoughts, words, and action.

Email: Info@flexxyoga.com for more information